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May 13, 2010


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Style Odyssey

I like him. Reminds me of my new Uglydoll, with one eye and multiple arms.


Likeeeee :D
All of them are beautiful!

Sancho Penser

Hey there,
i am a huge fan of your site and i would love to send you a picture of my favourite plastic animal, Miss Maudie. She is an awesome lilac/black striped moray with pink eyes(although merely thumb-sized)..and she brings her own little plastic environment! Please contact me, Miss Maudie would love to be featured on 'plastic animal a day'! take care,


I'd love to see Miss Maudie! Sorry so long to reply, I've been busy working and barely have time to check in!


(p.s. let me know about Miss Maudie and I can send you my email address....:)

Sancho Penser

Hey Karen,

Maudie considered i should show you a group-photo w/ her friends (the twin rabbits, the kittens-in-love, the fuzzy-pink seal, the Miso-soup-tomcat-boyband and Bob, the Flamingo (she likes him a lot but does not dare to come closer for he always turns away somehow). You can find the picture here:


(Miss Maudie's down on the left corner, observing Bob from a distance ;))


Hi Barb, I tried to post a comment on your blog and it wouldn't let me, I hope you see that Miss Maudie is the guest today :)

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