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May 18, 2010


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Style Odyssey

the little plastic bug looks like a tick, but he's cute anyway!

beautiful clouds. i still look for animal shapes in them, just like when my siblings and i were kids...something to do on long road trips.

really liking your photos of the birdhouse, different lighting/time of day.

Plastic Animal

He's a flea! One of my friends feeds my fascination with insects by finding me weird ones like this flea. He also found me a tick fridge magnet. He's a dear and valued friend!

One of the shots was a cloud that looked like a horse head but I had to draw the line somewhere.

I'm glad someone besides me likes the birdhouse. It's always the highlight of my walk to see how different it looks from one walk to the next.


Love the cloud pics...wish I could have gone there while I was in town-just not enough time to do everything :(

Sister Wolf

Outdid is one word, with no hyphen.


"First, I must warn you that I'm going to gush. Second, there's lots of pictures." <-- HAHAHAHA

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